-Complete supervision of the preparatory year students (in class rooms, laboratories and lecture halls) to help prepare them for the college academic life, and select the engineering departments that suit their background and career goals.
-Maintaining the scientific bond, formed during the preparatory year, with the students in their next few academic years through helpful analytical tools, scientific facts and team-work skills. This can be achieved through the advanced curricula of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics.
-Cooperation with the FECU administration in i) upgrading the department educational, and research labs, and ii) in improving teaching aids and methods.
-Cooperation with the FECU departments i) in updating undergraduate courses curricula, and ii) in developing interdisciplinary graduate degrees for modern topics like: nano-technology, renewable energy ,data mining, stochastic processes, optimization methods, graphic processing, photo-electronics, quantum dot, discontinuous Galerkin finite element, and high performance computing.
-Enhancing the research capabilities of the department faculty members through supporting:
— Their participation in international conferences, and renowned journals,
— Their supervision of applied research projects and theses, and
–Consultations to governmental and industrial research labs.
– Upgrading information exchange tools through introducing: i) electronic filing system to the department library, and ii) computer-assisted measurement tools in the educational and research labs.
-Continuing the efforts to win international recognition for our department in engineering education and research in basic sciences through co-sponsoring
scientific conferences with renowned institutions, and attracting funds for electronic learning.
-Enhancing of performance assessment techniques for faculty, teaching assistants and students and upgrading of testing , grading processes ,and channels of interdepartmental scientific collaboration.
– Developing a new bachelor degree with a tentative name: Fundamental Engineering – whose holder helps bridge the gap between fundamental scientific bases and industrial economic projects in the engineering world.