Research Fields

I.  Engineering Mathematics

• Analysis, Algebra and Differential Equations

• Numerical Analysis and Computational Methods

• Computer Science and Operations Research

II.  Engineering Physics

• Nuclear, Atomic and High Energy physics.

• Acoustics, Optics and Thermodynamics.

• Electromagnetic Theory.

• Solid State Physics.

III. Engineering Mechanics

• Fluid Mechanics, Geophysical and Magnetohydrodynamics

• Mechanics of Elastic- Plastic and Visco-Elastic Continua

• Renewable Energy and Environmental Pollution.

Undergraduate Laboratories

• Preparatory Year Physics

• Preparatory Year Mechanics

• First Year Physics

Graduate and Research


Nuclear Physics      Heat Research

Acoustics              Computer

Department Activities

Training Programs

• The Scientific Engineer Program

• A three – week crash courses program in Operations Research, Structural

Analysis and Fluid Mechanics.

• Advanced Information Systems Program

• Computer Programming Languages

• Optical System Program

Scientific Conferences

• The First International Conference in Engineering Mathematics and

Physics, February 1991.

• The second International Conference in Engineering Mathematics and Physics,

December 1994.

• The Third International Conference in Engineering Mathematics and Physics,

December 1997.

Research Projects

• Solar Pond Performance Model

• Air-Pollution in the Helwan Industrial Region

• Repair and Maintenance of Ancient Buildings

• Environmental Profile of the Delta water wages.

Scientific Awards

• Von Humboldt Award : Three staff members

• State Scientific Prize: Two staff members.

• Cairo University Scientific Awards: Three Staff members

Theses Awarded

• More than 130  M.Sc. degrees

• More than 50  Ph.D. degrees

Staff Members :

The Department Staff council is headed by Prof. Dr.

Al-Sayed, M. H. F.

 The total number of Staff is (183)  distributed as follows :

Emeritus professors :

Emeritus Associate professors:

Emeritus Assistant professors :




Professors   :

Associate professors:

Assistant professors :

Assistant Lecturers   :

Demonstrators  :






Emeritus Professors :
Bassiouny, A. K.        Hassan, A. A.
Mohamadain, M. S. Hussain, H. M.
Nassar, M. M.Mohsen, A. A. M.
Hussain, A. E. Megahed, A. A.
Gomaa, I.A. A.Kholeif, I. A.
El-Messiery, M. A.        Deif, A. S.
El-Nahwy, S. A. M.Grace, S. R.
Fahmy, M. A.Abo-El-Hassan, A. L.
Hanna, L. E. R.Abdel-Gawad, A. A. M.
El-Sadek, A. A.Abdel-Malek, H. L.
Abdel-Wahed, M. S.Al-Mestkawy, T. A.
Ragab, S. F. M.Abdel-Gawad, E. F.
Salama, M. A.Att-allah, N. F.
Abo-ElSouood, A. A. Roshdy, A. S. A.
El-Gamal, M.A.Helali, A. A. A.
Sanad, M.S.
Helal, M. H. K.
Emeritus Associate Professors :
Seif, M. R. Abdel-Messih , N. A.
El-Moghazy,  A. A. H. Hussain, A. A.
Sedky, M. H. Ayoub, A. F. A.
Sharaf, A. A. Saleh,  H. K. H.
Emeritus Assistant Professors :
Al-Garhi, M. A. I. Ibrahim, A. H.
Hasanin, T. L. Ibrahim, M. M. A.
Nail, A. A. Khali, N. S.
Seef El-Din, S. I. A. Aziz, G. A.
Hassan, A. S. O.
El-Zohiery, H.S.H.
Abdel Hafiz, S. K.
Younis, M. S. A. Al-Sayed, M. H. F.
Ashor, Z.H.Hashem, S. M. R.
Dhadi, A. Y. A.Mohamed, E. K. A.
Abdeen, M. A. M Raafat N. H.
Associate Professors:
Al-Najjar, B. B. Awad, M. M.A.
Abu Hadima, S. A. S. M. Salem, N. M.
Saleh, M. S. I. Alqurmany, E. M. A.
Salam, H. M. A. Hassan, M. T. M.
Hassanein, M. A. A. Aladros, B. M. T.
Mustafa, S. I. Faraj, D. M. S.
Radwan, A. J. A. Othman, H. O. I.
Saleh, H. K. H. Bashir, S. M.
Al-Najjar, S. A. M. Fayed, H. A. A.
El Beltagy, M. A. A. Abdel Qader, K. M. F.
Assistant Professors :
Al-Hamamy, H. A. A. Ramadan I. M.
Al-Wazir, M. A. A. Salem, S. A. A.
Khalaf, M. N. S. Ahmed, F. J. S.
Rajab, F. M. A. Zurayk, L. K. N.
Al-Jamal, A. A. A. Mohamed, O. F. A.
Sbaljy, B. H. AboHadid, F. J.
Al-Najjar, M. A. A. Al-Najjar, Z. A. M.
Girgis, G. A. Bedaiwi, H. A. A.
Gomaa, E. A. M. Sorour, M. A. A.
Mohammed, A. S. A. Batawi, Y. M. A.
Rabie, A. A. A. Khalifa, E. T. M.
Al-Ayadi, M. M. H. Sadek, S. A.
Qasim, T. H. M. A. Gouili, A. G. M.
Mahmoud, A. A. A. Mohammed, A. M.
Muhammad, M. M. A. Wafa, M. I. A.
Mohammed, S. F.  Mohammed, R. A.
Fahim, A. M. M. Mohammed N. Y.